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 Кой герой от D. Gray Man сте ?.....

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Female Рожден ден : 14.06.1996
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Кой герой от D. Gray Man сте ?.....   Нед Ное 07, 2010 7:07 am

Към куиза:---->

You are Allen Walker!
Allen Walker is the main character of D.Gray-man. An Exorcist of British origin, his left arm has gained the power of an anti-Akuma weapon. His anti-Akuma weapon is a rare parasite-type that shares a symbiotic relation with the Accomodator's body. His true birthday is unknown, but he is about fifteen years old. Allen was abandoned by his birthparents due to the supposed "deformity" of his left arm (his anti-Akuma weapon) and was adopted by Mana Walker on Christmas. After Mana died, Allen, tortured with grief, turned Mana into an Akuma, thinking that he was truly resurrecting his foster father. The Mana Akuma cursed Allen by slicing through his left eye and left the "Pentacle" - the mark of the Akuma (It is a scar-like mark on Allen's face). It was at this same moment that Allen's left arm first invoked as an anti-Akuma weapon, which instinctively destroyed the Mana Akuma. But the effects of the curse turned his hair snow-white. And to this day, his cursed eye allows him to see the bound souls of those trapped inside Akuma. As of late, his cursed eye has undergone a change after recovering from a wound inflicted by Road Kamelot (Also Rhode Camelot, Mistress Rhode). It seems that he can control it willingly now and that people around him when it is activated can also see the souls of the Akuma. His upgraded cursed eye also has the ability to detect any Akuma within a 300 kilometer (about 186 mile) range. Allen comments on how his curse evolves similar to how the Akuma evolve. Because his anti-Akuma weapon is a parasite-type, it changes according to his emotions. Currently, his anti-Akuma weapon has undergone three transformations:
- Alpha: The first and most basic form of his Innocence's invocation. In the form of a large claw, this form can use the Innocence's power for the "Cross Grave" (『十字架ノ墓(クロス グレイヴ)』), a move that destroys a large amount of Level 1 Akuma at once through a series of cross-shaped slash attacks.
- Beta: The second form took shape from his rage when an innocence was ripped out of a living doll in volume 2. It doubles as both a sword and a cannon. Its primary function is a projectile weapon which fires lightsaber-like rod projectiles. But, as stated before, it has a secondary function as close-range melee weapon. The cannon barrel narrows to fashion the Innocence's power into a highly-focused laser rod used for cutting.
- Gamma: The real form of his Innocence. Allen has managed to regain control of his anti-Akuma weapon and achieved its fully-invoked form after having it destroyed by a member of the Noah family, Tyki Mikk, and it has been dubbed the "Crown Clown" (『神ノ道化(クラウン・クラウン)』). In this form Allen grows a large white cape and his left arm turns into a slim black claw. Also, he is now capable of easily destroying Level 3 Akuma with just one finger. The extent of this power-up has yet to be seen fully but it is capable of challenging the Millennium Earl in close range combat.
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Female Рожден ден : 17.11.1999
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Кой герой от D. Gray Man сте ?.....   Вто Окт 25, 2011 4:19 am

You are Lenalee Lee!
Komui's younger sister, and assistant Head Officer. She is Chinese, and 16 years old. She is an Exorcist whose anti-Akuma weapon is a pair of boots, "Dark Boots" (黒い靴) That, when invoked increases one's speed and strength greatly in the legs. Her boots allow her to tread on air as if it was solid (able of going at sonic speed) and run on water. One of her attacks is "Enbu: Kirikaze" (円舞「霧風」, Waltz: "Mist-Wind"). She has a strong sense of friendship, which sometimes causes her emotional pain (or causes her to fight with Allen). Baku (of the Black Order's Asia Headquarters) is stalking her. Her name is spelled 'Linali Lee' in VIZ Media's translation. Her hair started out long in the beginning of the series, but due to a battle at sea it has been reduced to an extremely short and unkempt manner. As the series progresses, signs of deeper feelings for Allen become more apparent than before.
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Кой герой от D. Gray Man сте ?.....
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